Abroad Vacancy: How to move for Jobs in Singapore without any Agent in 2022

Jobs in Singapore. The way to check your eligibility.

Singapore is the topmost developed country in Asia. Its economy is a highly developed and free-market economy. As a developed country, job opportunity is also high in this country. There is the rule of quota or reservation in jobs for China and the for the Singapore people. It is believed that near about 70 percent of our quotas are fixed for them and the rest are for other people like other Asians or others. This quota is allotted in the month of February and March for them, so it is greatly advisable to apply in this month or one month later. Below is the process to check and apply for Jobs in Singapore without any Agent or any fees to be paid to anyone.

How to know the Eligibility

If you are interested to go and job in Singapore, you just follow these steps.  Firstly just log in to the official website of the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore and check your eligibility by putting your marks and experience if any.  By putting your info on the website, you will click on the self-assessment-tool part at the bottom of the website page. Here you fill in all your details of education and experience. This tool will help you to tell you that you are eligible to move to Singapore or not. So go and check it now.

Types of Jobs and Pay

The above-mentioned tool will also tell you that you are eligible for which visa in Singapore. There are three types of work permits or work visas working right now in Singapore along with pay scale. The three visas or work permits are Work Permit, Employment Pass or Permit, and the S Pass.

The first one is for unskilled people like gardeners, cooks, labor who will get a salary near about 800-1200 Singapore Dollars per month. The Employment pass is for those who possess large experiences in any field of or her work. The salary for them will be more than 6000 Singapore dollars.

The S pass permit is for the skilled and the fresher where they will get a salary ranging from 2000-3000 Singapore Dollars. In the last pass, job seekers will have to face online interviews also and some written online tests from the employer.

Jobs in Singapore, Apply Now

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Living and Food in Singapore:

The cost of living and fooding is high in Singapore. One can have to spend lots of money on food and living. But when you apply for a job in Singapore, the employer will provide accommodation for you free of cost.  The above mention way is free of cost way to enter Singapore.

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