Why International Women’s Day 2022- The Celebration of Womanhood will make you forget everything


Every year International Women’s Day has been celebrated on the 8th day of March in a very splendor manner. It’s like an occasion of celebrating womanhood where the whole world participates with extreme pleasure.

Nowadays, not only women, their family members, and friends are also involves with gathering innovative ideas for this day. There are various ways to celebrate this special occasion. It is the days where we can make our female partners feel how special and important they are in our life.

How much we are glad to have them. We can greet them by sending the flower bouquet, colorful handmade greetings cards, creative home furnishing items, exciting spa, and parlor treatment offers, recipe books, booking cookery classes by reputed chefs, etc. There are plenty of options that would make our female partners happy and feel special.

But one may ask the reason behind International Women’s Day (IWD) and what are the fundamental facts behind it? To know the answers we have to go through some important points. These are-

When the International Women’s Day is celebrated?

Every year on March 8 International Women’s Day celebrates globally. Mainly it is applauded for women’s rights and to inspire more people to raise a positive approach towards gender equality. Nowadays women need to be active in every field of our society. So a little inspiration may act as a booster for our women.

Definition of International Women’s Day

United Nations have granted International Women’s Day as a global holiday. Women are not only in our families but they have also a strong impact on our society. By celebrating women’s day we present an absolute honor to their contributions.

Apart from that raising a positive fight towards gender partiality and gathering support for the women-based organization is the main motto of celebrating International Women’s Day.

History of International Women’s Day

As per the United Nations reports, the very first International Women’s Day was performed in the United States of America in the year of 1909. The Social Activist Party of America took the initiative. They have decided a nice thing; they selected major streets where they wished to honor their female garment makers.

At that period the female garment workers faced some uncomfortable situations in their working field. So, the workers gathered all together and raised their hands, and protest against their inhumane situation regarding their works. They named it National Women’s Day. It was celebrated on 28th February. In that year, in Copenhagen, their social activist celebrated Women’s Day.

Mainly for working women’s rights and safety they raised their voice. Other countries such as Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland have celebrated the very first official International Women’s Day on 19th March, in the year 1911. One million people or even more have gathered there to attend the rally protesting gender impartiality, representation, and inconvenience.

The logo of the International Women’s Day

The logo of International Women’s Day is looped shaped, a circle with an arrow along with the female gender sign. The logo is properly justified with the International Women’s Day term. Interested organizations and groups can use the logo regarding their work. Organizations that wish to raise their voice and act for women’s rights may connect with the International Women’s Day (IWD) account. As a responsible citizen, everyone should come forth.


Hashtag of International Women’s Day 2022

WomensDay on Twitter. The same hashtag has raised more than 3 million posts. #ChooseToChallenge, #IWD2021, #InternationalWomensDay and #SeeHer.

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In recent few years, women are seen not only in our kitchen and household jobs; from chefs to drivers, school teachers to pilots everywhere our female partners have presented their remarkable efforts. So, celebrating a day on behalf of their honor is justified.

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