What is a Study2Win App (App Review)?


In this article we will talk about Civil Being App and the related app launched by this platform- the study to win app. We are quite hopeful that this post will be very helpful source of information who want to install a very useful educational apps for their personal usage. So let’s enter into the main area of a discussion. Please have a look on the entire discussion and gather the knowledge on the app and take it as Study2Win App review.

Three very important facts regarding Study2Win App

In this post we have decided to go to the main 3 aspects of this application. We will start on having the view on civil being educational platform. Then we will enter into the most interesting part of the article where we discuss about the study to win app and its scholarship. And in the last section of the post we will have a look on the review of the app. This will also provide you a knowledge on Study2Win App Feature.

Part 1: Civil Being Educational Platform

First of all we can search with the discussion of civil being channel. This is a educational and motivational channels launched by former IPS officer Sagar Sir. There are countless people who admire the talk of Sagar Sir because they are really inspirational. That’s why we are recommending to follow the channel to bring some positive Vibes in your li

Part 2: The Scholarship from the Study2Win App

Now we can talk about the app- Study2Win App. The app is launched by the second project of civil being channel. In this educational app the needy students main acquire the proper scholarship. On the other hand the people who are ready to provide help to the needy students can also help them by sending money. It is really a step to be appreciated.

Part 3: Study2Win App Review

Maybe our readers have thinking that why we should check the review of this app. Some people have given allegations on the channel that they are not doing the scholarship process on honestly. For this reason we are decided to provide a practical review on the app. We have combined some points to make you understand its nature. The Android Study App Review is below-

  • After installing the application you have to sign in up by providing all your registration proof like phone number and email ID.
  • Thereafter it will let you see the free videos how to operate this app.
  • You will definitely come to know about all the free courses available here.
  • Your phone number will be verified by the company.
  • You will be asked to add the subject and exam you are going to appear.
  • You will be asked if you are interested to donate some money to it or not.
  • Everything will be done with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • You can have a look on the frequently asked question if you have any doubt in your mind.
  • Choose the most suitable course for you.
  • And the free classes will be start from then.


Hopefully this article will be proved a good health who are sitting help in educational purpose. As mentioned in the channel this app will be included with lots of new courses in future. And if you want to make some donation for the needy students you can make it here. It will actually deliver to the people who need it practically.

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