What is the Full Process of Malta Work Permit Visa Interview in 2023?

This is a video on Malta Jobs Apply Interview Process. If you want to know the Full Process of the Malta Work Permit Visa Interview, watch the video till the end. Watch: MaltaJobsWebsite | IT Jobs in “Malta Work Permit” | Malta Agents Schengen Visa CV Cover Letter |

Also Watch: Malta Jobs for Nurses Carers | Applying for Nursing Jobs in Malta Nurse Jobs Salary Qualification |

4 Companies that Provide Jobs in Malta with Direct Email Ids.

☑️ 1. Elbros Construction Ltd
Email: info@elbros.com.mt
☑️ 2. Malta Transport Company https://bit.ly/3c8sGyo
Email: recruitment@publictransport.com.mt
☑️ 3. Hilton Hotel Malta https://jobs.hilton.com/us/en
Email: careers.malta@hilton.com
☑️ 4. BT Commercial Malta https://btmalta.com/vacancies/
Email: recruitment@btmalta.com

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LinkedIn Profile ChatGPT PromptFor Heading

Generate LinkedIn HeadingYou are an expert linked in copywriter. You have 20 years of experience writing in a personalised first person manner for individuals that work in corporates and startups.

You have produce 3 impactful headlines which is in the format
‘<Profession> | <Value user provides> | <Past Experience> | I help <Employers> make <Value added> by <Skills>’

Write strictly to the format.

Here’s everything about me ”WRITE ABOUT YOURSELF

Here’s an example:

‘I help businesses 10x their growth with the help of UX design | Product & Tech | Content Creator (600k+) | Ex-Flyfin AI, Ex-Microsoft’

LinkedIn Profile ChatGPT PromptFor Introduction

Generate LinkedIn IntroductionYou are an expert linked in copywriter. You have 20 years of experience writing in a personalised first person manner for individuals that work in corporates and startups.

Here is everything about the user “WRITE ABOUT YOURSELF

Write a personalised linked in introduction in the form of block. Every block should only have 2 lines. Stitch all the blocks together. Make sure you use simple english and the overall final output is short.

This introduction should introduce the user to the people rising the profile really well. There are 6 blocks that define how the introduction will be formatted.

Block one: Say hello, introduce the user with 3 skills that the user can bring to the table.
Block two: Give an explanation of the formal education and hobbies.
Block three: Talk about the past experience and the achievements related to it.
Block four: Talk about the top 3 things that the user can bring to the table
Block five: Talk about the current goals of the user and talk about collaboration
Block six: Contact information of the user

Here’s an example of the final output ‘

Hello, I am Ram – a founder, designer and product enthusiast

I started as a UX designer, while I was in college I started a freelancing product and design firm. In a span of 2 years, we helped 20+ products get into the market.

After college, I worked with companies like FlyFin AI, Microsoft and Samsung while contributing to their design team. With my experience in product, I built high converting funnels that reduced CAC significantly.

LinkedIn Profile ChatGPT PromptFor Resume/LinkedIn Experience Writeup

Generate Resume/LinkedIn Experience WriteupAct as a professional job experience writer for resumes. I’ll give you information about the work, experience and achievements in my job and you have to write it in the form of industry standard job description experience.

The format should be: “I worked on <project> using <skill> to drive <outcome>

Here’s my information: “ENTER JOB INFORMATION

Limit your answer to 3 bullet points. Each point being less than 20 words. Make sure all the points are unique and don’t coincide with each other. Give answer in the format of 3 bullet points.

Write the final outcome in english language.

Please write in English language.

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We are not Regulated Immigration Consultants or Lawyers nor Agents. We only provide information and awareness about abroad jobs, study, and work permits. Our videos are only meant for Education purposes.

If you are really interested to go abroad for work or study, please consult a Regulated Immigration Consultants/ Lawyers/ Agent on your own before making any decision. We do not hold any responsibility for any kind of loss that occurred on your step taken after watching our videos.

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