How This Professional Queuer Man Earns Rs 16,000 per Day by Standing in Line for Rich Old People

Easy Money Making in Today’s World

In today’s fast world everybody needs a lot of money to fulfil not only their necessities but luxuries as well. Finding jobs with a good salary package after the Covid-19 pandemic is tough work given the fact that many people have been sacked from employment, have lost jobs and many companies have restricted employment offers. Find the best clue on how to earn money easily.

With the access of the internet in hand, people look for options to earn money easily. It is indeed easy to earn money quickly if you are upto smart work. Here we have the example of a professional queuer man earning money by standing in line.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the scope of employment worldwide by 16%.

Freddie Beckitt: the queuer man

How to earn money easily is not a matter of concern for Mr. Freddie Beckitt. He is an inspiration for people who want to earn money easily. He is the professional queuer man earning money by standing in line.

Queues are common outside liquor shops, shopping malls, ticket counters, supermarkets and stadiums.

Freddie Beckitt is a 31 year old professional queuer from London who earns his bread by standing in the queues for old people who are old. Long lines are common outside shopping malls, grocery stores and liquor shops and inspite of the panic of the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus during and after the pandemic becoming common, queues exist to happen outside several outlets that sell important daily necessities. Thus he chose to become a professional queuer man earning money by standing in line.

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Although ordinary people have to stand in long lines to get their works done in the harshest of weathers, rich old people of London can afford to keep professionals who would stand for them in the queues for hours and get them their items of need. Freddie Beckitt works for such rich old people to earn money easily. He stands in long queues to get the old people their groceries and other items of need.

Beckitt says that standing in queues to get tickets for popular events brings him more money.

Being a Londoner, Beckitt is habituated to standing in long lines. Being very patient,this professional queuer man earning money by standing in line finds no difficulty to earn money easily. He earns £20 per hour and on a good day his income reaches upto £ 160 which is equal to ₹16,000 according to Indian money.

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Beckitt says that he is quite satisfied with his income and that his clients vary from young to old people who want to save their effort of standing in long queues.

Beckitt does his work for eight hours each day.


  1. How can I make money right now?

    Money making is easy if you go for odd jobs like watching videos or reading emails to get paid, or refinance student loans and debts, do online surveys and deliver grocery and food items door to door.

  2. How can I earn money in 3 days?

    Labour and smart work can bring money in 3 days. All you have to do is to start delivering groceries and good items or tutoring online or selling your artworks and designs through the internet. You can also put on sale your books, furniture and other valuable antiques.

  3. How can I make money instantly?

    If you are an influencer or an advisor in finances, or a blogger, a content writer or a graphic or web designer, you can easily earn cash instantly sitting at the comfort of your home.

  4. How do you make Rs 1000 a day?

    ●     Data entry jobs
    ●     Content writing
    ●     Buying and selling of domains, artworks and designs
    ●     Counselling advice
    ●     Watching videos and reading emails
    ●     Blogging
    ●     Social media management
    ●     Influencer

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