Lifestyle Tips: 10+ Ways for a Mosquito-Free Home, Try Now

Tropical countries like India are always subjected to villainous mosquitoes though it happens due to the humid weather, there is an issue of unhygienic practices happening over the country. India is known for its heritage and also for its pollution.

The roads are not cleaned properly as well as the drainage system which leads to the emergence of mosquitoes. Though some of them may not be dangerous, there are different diseases that are caused by mosquitoes.
Deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria can be transmitted through a mosquito bite.

So it is advised to keep the drainage system clean to avoid the circulation of mosquitoes.

Mosquito coils, repellent, and various types of liquids are used in the houses to abdicate the problem but more or else it is never an easy way out. Apart from the deadly diseases, it may be also irritating while you try to sleep and they make noises to stop you from sleeping. Mosquito bites are itchy and sometimes may cause skin infections.

To get rid of the mosquitoes or prevent them from spreading more diseases, we need to follow some basic procedures.

Throw out any standing water in your home or near your home

It is a proven fact that mosquitoes breed in any stand-by water such as the water left by Air cooler, the water of your pool, a house plant-filled up with water are the reasons that mosquitoes may breed in your house.

To avoid this, we need to throw away the water or change the water frequently.
Also, dump some mosquito repellent on these waters to avoid mosquitoes from breeding.

To avoid Mosquitoes we need to keep them outside

It is known that the mosquitoes enter during the sunset and dusk, so it is advisable to close the blinds during this time to stop the mosquitoes from entering your house.

There are mosquito nets and door straps that are available in the market to stop mosquitoes from entering the house. During the daytime, while the sun is up, mosquitoes mostly tend to not enter the house as the heat kills them effectively.

Keep the house plants free of water

This will help to avoid the breeding ground for the mosquitoes and also applying mosquito repellent on house plants would kill the mosquitoes. Try to avoid filling up the pants too much with water.

There are plants that act as mosquito repellents such as marigold, tulsi mint. These plants can be kept indoors.

Avoid the chemical sprays and try home remedies

It is scientifically proven that the mosquitoes have a problem with the scent of cloves and lemons. So its is advisable to put cloves into the lemons as a natural repellent to stop mosquitoes.

The chemical mosquito sprays are harmful to human health if inhaled, so a natural garlic spray would keep the mosquitoes away. To make the spray we need to crush the garlic and boil it into the water and the spray is ready.
Garlic is also proclaimed for its antibacterial properties but the smell can be a disadvantage for some people.

Wearing light color clothes

Light or cotton clothes may act as a mosquito repellent whereas dark color clothes such as black, brown blue can attract the bugs.

Soapy water is the key

From some sources, it is known that keeping a bowl of soapy water will avoid mosquitoes. Whereas in the previous points it is said to not keep any stand-by water but the soapy water will kill the mosquitoes as they will get trapped in the bubbles while they go for breeding.

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The smell of Alcohol

Alcohol also acts as a mosquito repellent, the smell will drive the mosquitoes away and it is a great way to avoid mosquitoes Tropical countries like India are always subjected to villainous mosquitoes though it happens due to the humid weather, there is an issue of unhygienic practices happening over the country.

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