Corona Lockdown Effect: Know How a Kerala Man Passed out 145 Online Degree From Yale Princeton & Columbia Varsities

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An Era of Online Education

Who had ever thought before the breakdown of the Covid-19 pandemic that the education system is going to go through such a drastic change? Since educational institutions have been closed for almost two years now due to the Corona Lockdown effect, the whole education system has changed into an online study mode where regular classes and even examinations are conducted through online applications like Google Meet or Zoom.

Webinars are seminars that are conducted online. Everything that happens in a seminar also happens in a webinar.

The Story of Inspiration: Shafi Vikraman

The Corona lockdown effect has brought the Education system to a standstill due to which students of all age groups have lost interest in online classes as an online study is hectic and cost-effective for most of us to afford.

But another positive side of online education is that it has proved to be extremely effective in opening wide learning opportunities from any College/University of the world, just by sitting at home. All you have to do is log in through your mobile/computer and spend a nominal amount on the courses.

At times, certain online degree courses and webinars of different educational institutions are for free. The Corona Lockdown effect has proved to be of some good to the people who can afford online study.

Coursera is an Online Platform that offers Online Courses for different subjects.

Shafi Vikraman is a man in his mid-fifties, belonging to Kerala. He is an inspiration for everyone because at this age, during the Corona Lockdown effect soaring everywhere, he enrolled himself in different courses in different universities of the world. And do you know how many courses and degrees he managed to get? Well, Shafi bagged 145 courses and achieved a total of 135 certifications.

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Shafi loves to learn. Although he initially enrolled himself for marketing online degree courses he ended up taking many medical courses. He enrolled himself for courses in prestigious universities of 16 countries which includes some of the great universities of the world like the Ivy League Universities and Yale University.

The Online Courses of the prestigious universities of the world range from two days to two months.

Shafi says that during the Corona Lockdown effect, he had enrolled himself in 20 online degree courses simultaneously through online platforms like Coursera and WHO’s learning arm. He says that the difference between IST and the standard time of the other places of the world was a problem because that gave him very little time to sleep; at times even less than two hours in a day.

But all the hard work and sacrifices paid off as he bagged 135 certificates and 145 courses from 16 countries of the world.

Shafi studied a variety of subjects through Online Degree Courses. Some of them are:

Medical Sciences
Marketing Subjects
Artificial Intelligence
Forensic Science
Food and Beverage Management

Online Webinars and Courses have opened a new world for people who want to learn through various learning schemes.

Shafi says that he didn’t let the Corona Lockdown effect bother him and he dedicated his time to learn a lot of things. He is happy to bag so many Degrees from various Online Classes of prestigious universities of the world. He is enriched and wants to continue learning more.

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Which is Best for Online Study?

Some of the Apps that are best for online study are as follows:
General Assembly

What is an online Study Called?

Online Study is called E-Learning, which is an Online Mode of learning various subjects either for free or for a very nominal price.

How do I study Online?

Apps like General Assembly, Skillshare, Unacademy, Coursera, UdaCity, edX, and Tata Studi help people to Study Online and give a feeling of real face-to-face study.

What are the Advantages of Studying Online?

E-Learning gives self flexibility and pace in learning, helps in managing time, brings in self-motivation, brings inhabit good communication skills, develops a global perception, builds critical thinking skills, and develops technological developments.

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